The Power Behind Prayer

In the book of Daniel, Daniel sought God fervently because of the dilapidated state of His people and homeland.  He went before God with all of His heart and as a result God heard and sent help on Daniel’s behalf.  “While I was pouring out my heart, baring my sins and the sins of my […]

Profound Pt. 2 When You Feel Overwhelmed

Colossians 1:17 “And He himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together).” When you feel overwhelmed and you feel that you can’t go any further, remember who truly is in control.  It is definitely not us, It’s GOD.  When the familiar emotions of being overwhelmed or frustrated comes […]


Work within your skill set KEY TO SUCCESS:  Ask God to let His will be done in your life. God will use and develop YOUR skills.  Don’t look at what others are doing.  God will use the resources around you, and build on those things.  Things that were around you the whole time that you […]

Keep Your Ears Open

God wants to be close to you and speak to you on an everyday basis.  I believe when we get into the hustle of life it drowns out His still, small voice when we are not tuned into his wavelength.  In order to be tuned into Him on a daily basis we need to read […]