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A Series Of Events

At times life will throw you situations that will send your emotions into an upheaval.  You think, “Why me?”  “Why now?”  “What next?” or “Oh my goodness, everything was going so well, now this!”  All of these statements show a feeling of frustration, but what is frustration?  From a Christian prospective it’s a feeling of not being in control and realizing it.  At that very moment of frustration you realize you need God and that you won’t move any further without him.

It seems that God works best or we tend to see His movement more in serious times of distress (see below 2 Corinthians 12:9).  But through it all, God will put together what may seem to be negative experiences into a bundle and make us come out looking even better, if we trust Him (see below Job 23:10).  Everything that you go through is meant to build you up in the end and to build up others when you share what you have gone through.

After the Holy Spirit gave me this topic to write on I was in a car accident.  I had planned to write this post a couple of weeks ago but was preoccupied with dealing with that, my book and other things.  My car was totaled and I thought in my mind, as the car hit us from behind, “Oh my goodness, everything was going so well, now this!”  When things happen out of the blue that disrupt our lives, it isn’t really a disruption, I believe it’s just an alarm from God wanting us to look at Him in a new way and to expand our faith in Him.

There wasn’t only the accident but other things happening in my world which God was and is still using to culminate into a miracle.  With each disruption to your daily routine you are taken out of the familiar and given a divine opportunity to shine your brightest yet.  I chose to not look at my circumstances as bad but as a platform for God to move freely and openly.  In the book of Genesis you see plenty of times where people were taken out of familiar territory into the unknown and how God spoke to them and helped them to realize their God given destinies.

There is a story in Genesis about a young man named Joseph, he was one of the sons of Jacob and Rachel.  Rachel had been barren before he was conceived but God provided and with his birth it ended her disgrace.  Joseph was dearly loved and favored by Jacob.  His father made him a coat of many colors and his brothers were severely jealous.  Soon Joseph began having dreams of his family bowing to him, but instead of keeping these dreams to himself he told his brothers which made them more intolerant of him.  One day they saw their opportunity to get rid of Joseph (Genesis 37:14).  One brother suggested to just kill him but ultimately he was sold by his brothers and ended up in Egypt.  He ended up in one of Pharaoh’s official’s household.  He had favor there but the official’s wife wanted to sleep with him, she was able to get him wrapped up in her lie and he was put in prison.  Now that he was put in prison you would think that this would be the end of Joseph’s story but it wasn’t, God was setting him up to receive some serious blessings.  While in prison Joseph was put in the spotlight again because of his ability to interpret dreams (Genesis 40) which landed him in Pharaoh’s court.  One of the men that he had interpreted a dream for while he was in prison remembered him and recommended Joseph to Pharaoh.  At this time Joseph interpreted a dream Pharaoh had that no one in the kingdom could (Genesis 41).

Side note:  You never know who will recommend you for your next break through, be at your best in all stages of life even when the odds are against you.

Being that Joseph had this wonderful gift of interpretation; his gift brought him into service for Pharaoh.  By this time he was 32 years old when his ordeal began he was 17.  So with that being said there is nothing impossible for God and it is never too late for whatever you are waiting for, your blessing is unfolded before you in a series of events.  Joseph ended up being the go to man in Egypt, the only thing that separated him from Pharaoh was Pharaoh’s throne.  Joseph went on to help the country through a 7 year famine and through that he was reunited after many years with his brothers and aging father.

Even when you are on the rise like Joseph still be kind to those who sought to harm you, Be Humble.  Joseph was confident and understood his position, as we must, do not allow people to rattle you.  When he was reunited with his brothers he was kind to them and still blessed them and in the end they still had to bow to him just as his dreams had dictated when he was a boy.

Everything comes together through a series of events planned by God.  One day you’re in one position and realize a few months or years later that your circumstances have completely changed.  Keep praying and have faith.  You are in the middle of a series of events that will one day culminate into a miracle.

-a snowball effect

-nothing can get in the way of it


2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV [9] But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. ” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Job 23:10 NIV [10] But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

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