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Keep Your Ears Open

God wants to be close to you and speak to you on an everyday basis.  I believe when we get into the hustle of life it drowns out His still, small voice when we are not tuned into his wavelength.  In order to be tuned into Him on a daily basis we need to read His Word and spend time in prayer.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that is required, just set aside time for Him.  He made time to wake us up every morning, we can absolutely give Him 5 minutes.  God is so good that He will allow us to go day after day, going and going, never speaking to Him.  He’ll hand us blessing after blessing and sometimes we don’t even thank Him.  He wants a connection with us, the more time you spend with Him the closer He will be to you (James 4:8), the stronger His voice will be in your life and His influence on everything you do.

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