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Work within your skill set

KEY TO SUCCESS:  Ask God to let His will be done in your life.

God will use and develop YOUR skills.  Don’t look at what others are doing.  God will use the resources around you, and build on those things.  Things that were around you the whole time that you were blind to, He will put a light on them and help you to take steps to develop those things.  Opportunities that were around you the whole time, He will illuminate!  He tears down our egos in order to develop us.  We cannot be great without Him (John 15).

Through great tragedy He can bring to light an ability that was within you, that you overlooked.  Without the tragedy your eyes would have never been opened and you would have never sought other alternatives.  Qualities that God has allowed others to  see in you since childhood and you have not seen within yourself, God can make those things important to you and help you to build upon those attributes.

An example:  Just like God has given some great singing voices to some and through much practice their voices are developed and that gift brings crowds into praise and worship.  What is your gift?  What have you not developed? What is God showing you now?  Develop it!  Put it into God’s skillful hands and watch it grow and mature you.  Your gift will make a way for you, trust God….only God has the appropriate skill set to help you develop the seed HE has created within you.

The best way to develop gifts is to go out of your comfort zone, in thought and action.  If you allow, God will take you out of your comfort zone to bring the best you out.  Don’t be afraid when you leave your comfortable place, the Lord can sustain and protect you during your growth,  He will not call you to do something and not support you.  God has the key to unlock the gifts and stir them up on the inside of you (2 Timothy 1:6-7). He is the master locksmith, who holds the keys of your success.  God knows your needs, desires, frustrations, etc.  Remember He was in our human condition at one point and fully understands that we are dust.  He is fully aware of our weaknesses and struggles.  When opposition comes He knows how to help you through, He is your Heavenly Father.  Your experiences and growth will in turn inspire others, you will have a testimony to share to inspire others to walk closer with Christ.

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